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General Cleaning Products

Sani Hands TH  4/4 ltr

An isopropyl alcohol based, viscous hand sanitizer containing moisturizers and skin conditioners. It is excellent for use in food plants, hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities where sanitation is a high priority. It is registered with Health Canada: NPN 02242309. Sani Hands is a consumer product and as such is not required to have an SDS. ALL health and safety information can be found on the label or Technical Data Sheet.


SDS - Sani Hands TH

TDS - Sani Hands TH


Sani Hands Foam  4/4 ltr

A foaming hand sanitizer ideal for use in high traffic areas where running water is not available, such as waiting rooms and portable toilets. This hand sanitizer is dye, fragrance and preservative free. It produces dense luxurious foam when used in a foam-generating dispenser.


SDS - Sani Hands Foam

TDS - Sani Hands Foam


Duo 4/4 ltr / 1 ltr

May be used to sanitize bare or gloved hands. It is most effective when hands are washed with soap and rinsed with potable water prior to applying. Remove excess product from hands or gloves to minimize transfer of sanitizer to food products or food contact surfaces.

Bleach 4/4 ltr

Liquid sanitizer and cleaner for use in a wide variety of cleaning tasks. It will remove stains and ensure bacteria free surfaces.


SDS - Bleach

Technical Data Sheet

Biokleen Degreaser 20 ltr. 4/4 ltr

All purpose degreaser formulated with Quat disinfectant to remove grease and soil for hard surfaces and at the same time eliminate bacteria.

SDS - Biokleen Degreaser

Technical Data Sheet

Clean Floor - Neutral 20 ltr. 4/4 ltr

Biodegradable and phosphate-free concentrated cleaning solution for removing dirt, grease and soil without leaving behind a dull effect to any surface in the kitchen or dining area. No rinsing necessary.


SDS - Clean Floor N

Technical Date Sheet 

Hands Soft 4/4 ltr

Liquid hand soap for gentle and smooth cleaning.

SDS - Hands Soft

Technical Data Sheet

Ostro San 4/4 ltr

Quat disinfectant for food preparation surfaces in commercial kitchen areas with simple steps of spray and wipe. No rinsing required.


SDS - Ostro San

Technical Data Sheet 


Clean Pot

A granular detergent designed to provide excellent cleaning of pots and pans without harmful effects on hands.


SDS - Clean Pot

Clean Oven & Grill 20 ltr. 4/4 ltr

Heavy duty chemical solution for removing grease on kitchen canopies, grills, deep fryers, hood screens and ovens.

SDS - Clean Oven & Grill

Technical Data Sheet

Window Cleaner 4/4 ltr

Concentrated all weather glass cleaner for cleaning inside or outside a building.


SDS - Window Cleaner

Technical Data Sheet


Please contact us for any other cleaning products not listed. 


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