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Provide Training for Dish machine functions and maintenance.

Training your staff in the necessary proper cleaning procedures and getting the most out of your cleaning products and equipment. At the same time we focus on safe handling with WHMIS in mind.

We try every effort to help our customers to achieve the best cleaning and sanitizing result as well as to comply with regulations required by Health Department.




Alouette has strongly endeavoured over the past 3 decades to have our customers justifiably feel confident in knowing they can rely on our service. Our experienced technicians are available 7 days a week.

Our regular visits to check over all of the equipments and perform preventive maintenance wherever possible. Meanwhile we monitor your cleaning products inventory to ensure adequate level of products.


With a large inventory of parts in stock for the dish machines and glass washers supplied by us. This greatly aids to the efficiency of our service program.

Last but not least, we can assist you with the logistics of dealing with the trades, such as Plumbers, Electricians and Stainless Steel fabricators when it comes to new operations or renovating existing ones. We can help you with suggestions pertaining to the most practical dishwashing setup.

Just a Phone Call away

Alouette Ware Wash Chemicals Inc.

Cost Effective Cleaning Solutions for Restaurants and Bar Establishments in the Lower Mainland BC Canada
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