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For the Next Generations...

... Since 1979

Alouette has been proudly serving British Columbia's Foodservice Industry since 1979. This will have given solid benefits to our customers over the decades.

Our goal is to provide concentrated quality cleaning products guaranteeing low use cost with the use of accurate dispensing control systems. We endeavour to provide reliable technical support as well as flexible delivery.

In addition to a complete line of commercial cleaning chemical products, we sell and/or lease Dish Machines, Glass Washers and Ice Machines at competitive rates.

An associated company, CWM Enterprise Ltd., is distributing paper supplies such as Napkins, Hand Towels, Toilet Tissues .......... and take-out containers.



Alouette Ware Wash Chemicals Inc.

Cost Effective Cleaning Solutions for Restaurants and Bar Establishments in the Lower Mainland BC Canada
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